King Mo had a bad day on Tuesday. He was fined and suspended by the NSAC for his failed drug test following his fight on the January 7th Strikeforce event. That was just the start of things. After his appearance in front of the commission, during which he was asked a question that he found offensive, King Mo took to Twitter which ended up being his undoing.  There are various activities in life one shouldn’t do when they have been drinking OR when they are angry and Twitter is one of them. In Mo’s case anger was the culprit and he expressed it when he referred to the commissioner that had asked him the question in question as a “racist bitch”.  Taken in a vacum maybe that is enough to lose your job with ZUFFA, but life isn’t lived in a vacuum.

Presently  on ZUFFA’s roster there are two fighters (Griffin and Torres) that have spoken about rape on Twitter in a an insensitive manner and another one that on the same day King Mo was cut was sentenced for battery charges committed against a woman (Overeem). You also have Rashad Evans referencing Jerry Sandusky and his alleged assaults on children during a UFC press conference. Yet what Muhammed Lawal did rates being cut?

Lets look at a few things. King Mo deserved his fine and suspension from the NSAC. Did he take steroids with intent? I do not believe he did and he provided the evidence to prove he had not. This is a man that has gone through Olympic level drug testing without ever having a problem. Still, he is responsible for what he puts in his body and the fact that he did not disclose what he was taking in the pre-fight paperwork was the nail in the coffin.  He had the integrity to show up in front of the commission to tell his side of the story and this is where the problem began.  During his questioning he was asked by commissioner Pat Lundval if he could read and write in English.  This was perceived by Lawal as racist. Was it, that is a question I can’t answer and that really doesn’t matter.  Commissioner Lundval left herself open for questions about racism by asking a black man, who had been speaking perfectly fine in English to the commission up to that point, a question that at a minimum was a backhanded jab at his intelligence. Regardless of her intent the question was improper and condescending.  Unfortunately, like judging and officiating issues, I doubt that the NSAC does anything to punish her for her actions.

Now back to King Mo. Here is a guy that has never failed a drug test in his athletic career, has just gone through numerous operations for a knee injury then a potentially life threatening staph infection, just gets fined and suspended from earning his living and while that process is going on he gets asked an asinine question by someone that should know better.  He is obviously upset and no in a good state of mind. So what does he do? He goes off on twitter and says something he shouldn’t have said.  I am certainly not defending Lawal’s response, but I can understand it and with fighters presently still on their roster that have done and said worse I find it ridiculous that he is cut from the organization.  Dana White has to ask himself one question, if he were in a meeting and was asked the same question in the same manner it was asked to King Mo how would he have responded? I guarantee it wouldn’t have stopped at racist bitch.